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BACAS | How You Can Help

Help Us Expand the Auditorium Function of BPAC

Our auditorium the Bucksport Performing Art Center (BPAC) built in 2003, is an extraordinary base for which the arts can springboard for Bucksport and the surrounding areas. The joint venture of the Bucksport School Department, Town of Bucksport, and State of Maine has made the basic facility a reality. But now is the time for the supporters of BACAS to make this venue capable of providing a high quality cultural and performing arts environment.

BACAS thus far has raised $25,000 for air conditioning, and approximately $12,500 for the Grand Kawai Piano, and we have purchased and upgraded the lightening system in the auditorium. This is our need now to continue the upgrade of BPAC:

  • Sound Improvements - Enhance sound control, and wireless capabilities.

  • Grand Proscenium Valance - We would like to add a valance to be placed along the proscenium arch just behind the Grand Drape. This will provide a huge aesthetic improvement for all presentations by hiding the electrics, lighting fixtures, and the future central public address sound cluster from view. It seems like a small bit, but will make a dramatic improvement for any theatrical experience.

  • Supporters of BACAS have an opportunity to contribute to these improvements while obtaining a permanent commemorative of their gift. The following are the ways you may contribute:

  • $25.00 Permanent Roster of "Donors and Supporters" of the Cultural Arts Center 

  • $100.00 Permanent Plaque Placed Prominently Inside the New Building 

  • $250.00 Permanent Nameplate on Auditorium Seat 

Given By (person, couple, family, business name, other)
Given in Honor of (person, couple, family, business name, other)
Given in Memory of (person, couple, family, business name, other)
Bucksport High School Class of (year)

Please make your tax-deductible contribution check, (name, address and telephone number included) and preferred acknowledgement, payable to: BACAS - P.O. Box 1111, Bucksport, ME 04416

Become A Member of BACAS

Members of the Bucksport Area Cultural Arts Society have access to the latest information regarding the Bucksport Performing Arts Center, as well as cultural programs brought to the greater Bucksport and surrounding area. click here to download application 

Members will enjoy the fact that their membership dues are going directly to future BACAS events, fundraising efforts, and improvements for the Bucksport Cultural Arts Auditorium. 
Lifetime Membership - $125.00
$20.00 for families
$10.00 for individuals
$7.00 for senior citizens

Folks who elect to make their contributions through payroll deduction enjoy automatic membership renewal at no additional costs. Those willing to support the Bucksport Area Cultural Arts Society in promoting and supporting the arts in the Bucksport area are welcome to become members by submitting their annual dues to the society, which can be mailed to the following:

 BACAS - P.O. Box 1111, Bucksport, ME 04416 .

Please enclosed the following: Your Name, Address, City, State, Zip Code, E-Mail Address information.

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